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The series of conferences on Bluff Body Wakes and Vortex-Induced Vibrations (BBVIV) provides a stimulating and constructive forum for researchers specializing on the problems of fixed and vibrating bluff body flows.

The present 7th Conference on Bluff Body Wakes and Vortex- Induced Vibrations (BBVIV-7) will follow the spirit set in the previous events of this series since 1998. Follow the History link on the left for further information on these meetings.

The conference will take place over four days, starting on Tuesday, 3 July 2018 and ending on Friday,
6 July 2018. It will consist of single plenary sessions with invited lectures (40 minutes), oral presentations
(20 minutes), poster presentations (3 minutes), and discussions on special topics. Selected papers from the conference will be invited to be published in an international refereed journal.



Scope of the Conference


BBVIV-7 will focus on aspects of the dynamics of vortex structures found in the wakes of fixed and oscillating bluff bodies, including vortices resulting from shear layer instability, or near- and far-wake instabilities. Experimental, computational and analytical studies will be presented on topics such as
the following (not exhaustive):

  • Dynamics of long flexible cylinders
  • Energy harvesting from oscillating bluff bodies
  • Wake development behind wind turbines
  • Wakes in stratified flows
  • Vortex dynamics of swimming and propulsion
  • Bodies impinging on surfaces
  • Wake interference between multiple bodies
  • Active and passive control of wakes
  • Aspects of vortex-induced vibration of bluff bodies
  • Vortex-induced vibrations at very high Reynolds numbers
  • Vortex-induced noise due to bluff bodies
  • Rising and falling bodies in a fluid
  • Controlled vibration of bluff bodies
  • Vehicle aerodynamics
  • Aerodynamics of airfoils at large angles of attack
  • The 3-D structure of wakes from nominally two-dimensional bluff bodies
  • Mode changes in the wakes of circular cylinders
  • Bodies in unsteady/oscillatory flows
  • Wakes in shallow water flows
  • Relation between wake structure and the force experienced by a bluff body

All submitted papers were peer reviewed under the coordination of a scientific advisory panel.
The conference keeps the tradition of inviting internationally renowned keynote speakers.



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