Bluff Body Wakes and Vortex-Induced Vibrations










Invited Speakers












Oral presentations

For each oral presentation, a time slot of 20 minutes total is scheduled. This includes setting up, the actual talk, and questions. Please aim at a length of your talk not exceeding 17 minutes, which represents approximately 20 slides.

You can provide your slides on a USB stick, for uploading onto the local computer before the session start. In this case, please make sure that your presentation is a stand-alone Power Point file (.pps) or PDF file. Note that videos are often not embeddded in a presentation file, and not always compatible between different computer platforms. It is the presenter's responsibility to assure that his/her slides are working on the available system, by testing the file(s) in advance.

Alternatively, you may also connect your own laptop directly to the beamer. In this case, please be sure to know how to configure your computer to set up this connection quickly and correctly. Some local technical assistance will be available.

Please inform the Chairmen if you need any other audio-visual equipment (e.g., overhead projector).


Poster presentations


Posters will be displayed on metal grid panels inside the lecture room for the entire duration of the conference. Each poster should not be larger than A0 size in portrait format (120 cm high x 85 cm wide, 4 ft. x 3 ft.) and should be in one single piece (not a collection of sheets). Clamps for fixing the posters on the grids will be provided.

In addition, a time slot of 5 minutes total is scheduled for each poster in the appropriate session. This includes the actual presentation and the time for changing the speaker. No questions are allowed for poster presentations, discussions with the authors should take place in front of the poster displays.

Please aim for a presentation of 3 minutes, using a maximum of 3 slides. This presentation should only contain a brief introduction of the subject and possibly one main result, in order to motivate participants to go see the poster. Technical details should be avoided, or kept to an absolute minimum. The slides should be provided as a stand-alone Power Point or PDF file, to be uploaded on the local computer before the relevant session. If videos are included, please make sure that they work under these conditions. Your own laptop may not be used for a poster presentation, there is no time fo switching computers.

Note to all presenters:

The program of this symposium is very dense. Please make sure in advance that you will observe the above time limits for your presentation, in order not to penalize the other participants presenting after you. The session chairmen will be asked to strictly enforce these limits.


Last update: 18 June 2018

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