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The registration fee for BBVIV-6 is 430 Euro for full-fee paying registrants, and a reduced rate of 300 Euro for full-time students, if registration is made before 21 May 2010; afterwards a surcharge of 100 Euro will apply.

These prices include the volume of extended abstracts, a copy of the symposium proceedings, welcome reception, banquet, three lunches, and morning and afternoon tea and coffee.

Please note: each accepted contribution must be accompanied by at least one separate registration, in order for the presentation to be included in the conference program and in the book of abstracts.


Registration for BBVIV-6 is done online, using the meeting management tool of the French CNRS, which has been implemented fairly recently. Although the overall procedure is straightforward and safe, there may be a few errors and inconsistencies remaining (especially regarding the translation to English). Please read the following comments first, and then use your common sense when registering.

  • Symposium registration is a 2-step procedure. Step 1: pre-registration by following one of the links below. Step 2: after validation of the pre-registration by the BBVIV-6 chairman, you will receive an e-mail with a link to be used for completing the registration. Please note: remember the exact format in which you entered your name, first name and e-mail address during pre-registration; this information is required for logging in for Step 2.
  • Please use upper/lower case (John Doe), and not all capitals (JOHN DOE) when filling in the forms.
  • On the pre-registration page, you have to enter your address details twice.
  • In the drop-down menu "You are ... / Vous êtes ...", the category "Writer / Posteur" is not clear, please ignore it.
  • In the drop-down menu "Tarification / Tarif désiré", please choose the type of registration for you, which, unless instructed otherwise explicitly, should be either "Regular / normal" or "Student / étudiant".
  • Accompanying persons do not need to register. Their participation in the welcome reception is free. An additional banquet ticket (70 Euro) can be bought by ticking the appropriate box in Step 2 of the registration. If further tickets are needed, please contact the chairman here.
  • In Step 2, when asked for "Image rights / Droit à l'image", this refers to your agreement to having your photo taken. It is suggested to tick "yes".
  • When asked who pays your registration, this refers to the addressee that will appear on the invoice. Payment is possible only by credit card (even for participants affiliated with French organisations), through a secure online transaction.
  • After successful completion of the registration and payment, you will receive an official invoice in PDF format by e-mail.
  • The registration deadline is Friday 18 June 2010.

BBVIV-6 online registration

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Last update: 23-03-2010

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